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Is counselling for me?

The purpose of counselling is to help individuals to overcome emotional and psychological distress. Issues may arise for us at any time during our lives, the reason may seem clear to us or it may only just be emerging into our awareness. Counselling can help you to explore your thoughts and feelings, in a safe and confidential setting, so that you are able to move toward a more authentic and fulfilling way of relating to yourself and others. Counselling aims to improve our quality of life through a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs.

As a humanistic counsellor, I work alongside you, such that you feel comfortable to explore your concerns and to help you find the right solutions for you. A counsellor is a listener first, I endevour to hear and understand my clients as fully as possible, without judgement but with compassion and acceptance. I consider it a privilege that clients feel safe to share their most sensitive concerns and I am committed to protecting their confidentiality, such that they feel safe to explore any aspect of themselves and their experience.

Many people believe therapy to be about changing who you are... this is not what I experience in practice. Counselling helps us to remove the barriers, which are preventing us from being who we really are. It takes commitment and courage, but the outcomes can be very positive - increased spontaneity, greater enjoyment of our lives and self-empowerment. Counselling is an investment in yourself. An investment I believe everyone deserves and can benefit from.

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About me


Professional Credentials

Registered Member MBACP
Diploma Therapuetic Counselling
Level 4 Mentoring
Level 2 Advocacy
Level 3 CIPD Personnel Practice & Training
PGCE Secondary & Post-16
BEng Chemical Engineering

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I work in private practice and volunteer at a charity supporting carers in Warrington. I have worked with a diverse range of clients and have experience working with: anxiety, depression, self-harm, trauma, CSA, personality disorders, eating disorders, bereavement & loss, low self-esteem, stress, addiction, substance misuse, abuse and more.

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Practice Location

Rutherford House
Warrington Road


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What my clients say!

'Mike made the learning easy with his teaching styles. His hard work, professionalism and approach to his teaching role was admired by myself and all the students. He made the course enjoyable and he used a range of learning styles to suit all our individual needs. After our weekly sessions ended we all wanted Mike to teach the next stage of the course. He taught us how to be ourselves and learning came easy with this approach. Mike is a great teacher he helped us all to develop ourselves and we were very lucky to have him to support us through our learning journey.' - Lydia

'I have recently had counselling with Mike Rimmer. This counselling has helped me tremendously. I now deal with issues as they come up. I used to comfort eat to cheer me up; cover and evade my feeling of hurt and rejection. I feel more confident and again trust my decisions; no more repressing feelings. I speak them out for better communication with family and friends. I highly recommend Mike Rimmer’s counselling skills to everyone.' - Jane

'As a student counselor I entered the counselling room with lots of hopes and expectations for my own counselling journey, Mike was not only open, honest and understanding, he was also very respectful of my feelings. Mike's approach is to be fully client centric and he allowed me the autonomy to follow my own process whilst never judging or leading ensuring I was at ease and able to get the most from my counselling session. Not only did I learn from Mike and his way of being in the counselling room, I have learnt about myself and found the therapy both helpful and worthwhile. I cannot recommend Mike more highly to anyone who is looking for a Person Centered counselor.' - Maria

My Services

I offer one-to-one humanistic counselling, providing a reduced rate for the first session and concessions for clients in times of financial difficulty. As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I am committed to working in accordance with their ethical framework, which can be found online.

My current fee schedule:
Online session: £35.00
Standard Session: £45.00
Reduced Rate: £35.00
All sessions are a 'counselling hour' in duration, being approximately 50 mins, with 10 mins for administration and record keeping. Session frequency and number is determined on a client-by-client basis; however, I recommend that sessions should be optimally 1-2 weeks apart. I operate a policy of 24 hours notice in regard to cancellation of sessions. If you have any questions please fee free to contact me.


What to expect

The only things you will need to bring to sessions, is yourself and a willingness to commit to the proces. You can feel assured that you will be welcome and that what you share in sessions will be held in confidence. You are not there to be judged, but to be treated with respect for your autonomy including your expereinces, beliefs and views. My role is that of a trusted companion, committed to fully understanding what it is like for you to be in the world. I am here to support you as you bring the issues you are ready to explore; at your own pace. I will work alongside you, with compassion and empathy, supporting you to find the resolutions that you feel work best for you. I will not test or diagnose you, I will not instruct you, I will listen intently, try to understand you and at times offer gentle challenge, if I believe it can remove an obstacle in your path. You can expect me to be genuinely: accepting of the person you really are; committed to ethical practice and passionate about my work. Finally, but not unimportantly you can expect me to be human.


The Person-centred approach to therapy, begins with the principle that your perception and direct felt-experience of the world is unique to you. Therefore, the effectiveness of therapy relies upon the therapists ability to understand the world from your perspective. In person-centered counselling this is viewed as essential for the process of therapeutic change. As an example, consider any experience, perahps: that of a sunset; the taste of coffee or the sensation of touch. How we experience these things is unique to us, and it cannot be replicated by reading about it or viewing it on a screen? In a similar manner, the therapist must put aside their experiences in order to understand those of the client. Whilst, experience can be helpful it is not the client's experience and one individual's experience is not the same as an others. In the person-centered approach humans are viewed as organisms capable of healing and growth and aims to harness this capacity to attain congruence between who we are and the ideas we have about who we ought to be.